Designing My Life

There are people in this world that can walk into an empty space and immediately visualize the finished project. Even more impressive to me are those that can walk into an old or run-down building and visualize new life and potential. I am neither of those people. I am the one that watches the HGTV shows in awe and am thankful that I have a father in construction who can help me one day walk into a home and say "yup, this looks good, not too much to be done" and for friends with the decorating gene who will be helping me furnish and put a few things on the walls at that time. 

Once I see something complete, I can tell whether I like it or not. But blank space (or even worse a space that's filled but needs to be changed) is anxiety waiting to happen. My lovely friends who are remodeling their home in North Carolina can tell you this is a fact. I walked into their home when it was first purchased and had a very hard time believing they were so calm and sure of this process. Yet each room that is completed I absolutely LOVE and am so proud to see their vision come to life. 

It dawned on me the other day that I am re-designing my life. I know what I want it to look like, but I never really thought about the steps it will take to get there, and is it ever pushing me outside of my comfort zone. It's not as easy as walking into Rooms-To-Go and saying "I'll take that one."

On the other hand, how AWESOME is that that I am DESIGNING MY LIFE?! There is a satisfaction of the work that goes into something you make yourself. Each decision (no matter how hard) I make entirely on my own, for me, I am immensely proud of. 

Building something, designing something re-designing something is HARD WORK. But each and every day I feel stronger as I watch it come together into something beautiful.

Of course, there are many hands that go into this project. I may be the designer, but I don't make these decisions lightly and there are many who go before me and who continually surround me to lead me in the right direction. After all, what good is a great design on a poor foundation? 

I urge you to take just a few moments to think about your life. Is it the life you have always envisioning? Could you change something or add something to make it more vibrant? It may not be a complete overhaul, it could be something equivalent to changing the throw pillows. Sometimes just a little change towards happiness can make all the difference. 






Jenny SchollComment