First Step: California to North Carolina - Heading East

I have cleaned out a lot in my life the past few months in order to fill it with love, joy and happiness, both material and emotional. In order to make room for the new, we must take the time to recognize and part with what might not belong anymore. 

Two weeks ago I wasn't sure I would be able to do it, the material clearing seemed to be harder than the emotional! The thought of packing up everything in my room, deciding what was going to be donated, what was going to be stored, and what was going to come with me on my trip to Portugal, Spain, and Morocco was overwhelming.

It took many days, support from friends, a few glasses of wine and some hard decisions, but I've done it! I had 3 free checked bags on my flight to Raleigh, and so 3 free bags came with me. From here I'll slim down even more to take just a bag and a backpack across the Atlantic - that is a task for another day!

It was bittersweet leaving California, a place I have learned to truly love, but I know my apartment, my best friends, my roommate, my sunset views, my beach cruiser and beach concerts will all be there waiting with open arms if and when I return. I'm leaving my life open-ended after my trip, but if it has me returning to Manhattan Beach, I won't be upset in the least. 

And so now I"m here, in North Carolina, catching up with friends and family and finalizing my departure from current job. My time in limbo is almost over and the adventure is about to begin!

In two weeks I'll be waking up in Portugal - how crazy is that?! 

As excited as I am about the adventure, I'm savoring each and every moment of the journey, which includes the here and now. The time spent with friends before I go, the mornings having coffee on the dock in the back of my childhood home and grilling out on the deck with my parents. 

The unknown will be here soon enough. 


Jenny SchollComment