Shine Strength

I let others get to me this week, the ones who don't understand and don't support that I am choosing to follow my heart and intuition and see where it leads. I thought I was prepared for the doubt, the questions insinuating I was foolish, but the more darkness that came my way, the less I sparkled with the light I am so longing to permanently possess. 

What was happening? My light is supposed to shine so bright that it lights up others! Why did I feel like I was burning out and shutting down? I had a mini-freakout. 

So what did I do? Well, I took a mixed (and maybe not the best) approach:

  • I had some wine and a good cry while texting a lifelong friend who was reminding me that it is hard, that many people won't understand, and we have to be OK with that. He also told me to snap out of it - I'm one of the lucky ones to have the courage and foresight to take this leap and to live my life with intention. I needed both the understanding and the tough love.
  • I surrounded myself with people and messages that light me up and bring positivity. I reach outed to my best friend who came over to laugh and help me pack, I read books with positive messages that encouraged this life choice and choosing happiness and I turned on some of my favorite tunes.
  • I spent some time in thought and wrote in my Gratitude Journal reminding myself of all that I have to be thankful for, past, present and future. My life is amazing. 

Before long, I felt so silly for letting myself get affected by the doubts of others. 

What I've learned this week is that it's a battle out there - a battle that I need to know how to arm myself for. I need to make sure that every day I am prepared to shine bright and share that light no matter what happens to come my way. 

The things I did to recover should be the things I do every morning to prepare. Read positive, encouraging messages, spend time in some form of thought and meditation being grateful and setting intentions for the day and surround myself with people and vibes that make me shine.