Taking the Leap

This year has been the year of saying “YES” and letting my heart and soul guide me towards what bring me joy, towards the people and experiences that make me truly happy. It all started with “Do More of What Makes you Sparkle” which has developed into my mission to Shine: to live a life that lights me up and to share that light with others.

I’ve come to realize that we have this one life in a big beautiful world and that there’s no guarantee that we’ll have the time later to do all the things we really, truly want to do right now. I started to ask myself what was holding me back from traveling more, writing more, telling more of the world’s stories of the beautiful people and places that I encounter, and the answer was absolutely nothing.

And so, I am taking the leap. I’m resigning from my job and I’ll be going overseas with a program called GlobeKick to travel, write, learn and most of all LIVE. I’m expecting nothing and accepting everything that comes my way as I continue to follow my heart and take advantage of all that this life has to offer.

I don’t know exactly how my story will unfold, but stay tuned, this chapter is going to be pretty spectacular.