The Start of Something Good

“In a moment, everything can change and in a moment, you can change everything” - Daniel Wallace  

Have you ever had a moment that shifted your entire perspective? Like in the movies where the character finally catches on to something the audience has seen the whole time - a love they almost let slip by or a decision they should have made long ago. ("Notting Hill" anyone?!) In real life, these moments have much less dramatic background music and if you're not careful, can slip by unnoticed.

For me, that one moment happened a few weeks ago. On a recent trip to a place I had never been, I caught a glimpse of true happiness and compassion. I was able to remember who I am at my core, to meet people who had no preconceived notions, no expectations and to be myself without outside influence.

It reminded me of who I was in high school before I became self-conscious and hyper-aware of what others thought of me. I was goofy, loving, passionate, a theater nerd and a yearbook editor. I sang, I volunteered, I was in student council and I ran the FCA. I had a hand in a little bit of everything. I feared nothing and said yes to everything.

Looking back now, I was able to be so carefree because I grew up in a small town with the most supportive community. I was living in a bubble, and life was pretty grand.  

Fast forward a few (well...more than a few) years and I find myself on the other side of the country, with a good job, wonderful friends and an ocean view apartment. I have traveled, I have grown and I have learned important life lessons. Some of my best friends live within walking distance in my quaint beach town that they ironically refer to as "the bubble.” I love it here, but…

I'm ready to make the world my bubble.

This is the start of my journey to find my passion, to say yes to life experiences as they come, to be more aware, to live in the moment, to get to know my true self.

Join me, take in the moments, say yes and be open to a world of possibility.

This is the start of something good.