Travel Lessons Learned: Less & More

In less than a month I'll be off again exploring new countries and cultures around the world, and I couldn't be more excited! This year has been a bit of a whirlwind - I moved back to LA after spending a few months abroad, traveled for a month in Central America, decided to move to North County San Diego and am about to embark on a summer of travel with Europe being the first stop! I'll be visiting London, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Luxembourg and maybe more! 

As travel becomes a regular part of my life, I am becoming more intentional about how I plan and experience this beautiful world of ours. This is not a week break from my routine, but rather my every day, with a few more passport stamps involved. 

First of all, there are some things I'd like to do LESS of:

  • Pack Less - I'd much rather wear the same tank top twice in a row than have to lug an extra bag around Europe. Bye Bye unneeded items! 
  • Plan Less - I have my flights to Europe and home from Europe planned, the rest I have either a loose itinerary or just an idea in mind about where I might want to go. I am excited to see where the experiences take me, knowing busses, train rides and even flights between European countries are cheap enough that I don't have to overthink.
  • Worry Less - I've now been in enough hostels, coffee shops, etc. to realize that people are generally GOOD. I still carry my little travel locks for valuables and am smart and safe about who i trust, but in general, being aware is plenty, there's no reason to stress about the unknown.

And there are some things which I would like to do MORE of:

  • Connect More: Living in 3 cities for a month each gave me the opportunity to truly connect with the people and the culture which made all the difference. Even if I'm in a city for a day or two, I aim to connect more with the local culture. 
  • As I'm writing this, I realize it align's perfectly with The Greatness Foundation's Goal to Be More. Do More. Give More. and I intend to do just that while traveling:
    • Be More: Continue to work on me - start the day with gratitude, take care of my body and my mind, know when I need some me-time to journal or just sit in a park and take in the experience. 
    • Do More: Stay connected and accountable to my friends and support back home on my health goals, business goals, and contribution goals. Have meaningful conversations with new friends and old along the way to motivate each other to not only set high goals but reach them, no matter where we are in the world. (Side note: I'm part of The Greatness Foundation's Inner Circle and encourage you to check it out or find a mastermind that you connect with! I've found it helpful to set goals with intention, have witnesses and accountability to those goals, and celebrate wins - big and small!) I'll also be continuing to build and launch The Nomad Scout as I roam! 
    • Give More: We're starting our time in Greece by working with a Syrian Refugee Camp in Athens and my goal is to find ways to give in the various cities and countries I'll be exploring. If anyone has recommendations or organizations they can introduce me to, that would be fabulous!

What do your summer plans hold? It doesn't have to be a big trip or major life change, but I encourage you to set some goals of your own for this month or perhaps the next 90 days.

Big changes can be scary. Believe me, there are plenty of days that are not all rainbows and sunshine, but following your heart and your intuition and making small changes to your routine or mindset can make a big difference in your happiness. 

Love you all and thank you for your continued support on this adventure called Life!