But what is Greatness?

As part of my mission to Shine - to spend my time on things that light me up and to be able to share that light with others - I've been working on a few passion projects lately that I believe will truly make a difference. One of which is The Greatness Foundation! 

The Greatness Foundation has the mission to positively impact over one billion lives through three core values: we educate, we inspire, we empower.  

Since my post last week I've had several conversations around the word greatness.

I struggled with the word greatness for a LONG time. Even when helping proofread or come up with content, I understood the foundation's mission and goals, but I just couldn't wrap my head around what exactly greatness IS

When checking links for the site or an email or something or other, I came across the video labeled "The Secret of Greatness" which I strongly urge everyone to watch as it was the moment the lightbulb went off for me:

After watching the video I realized that I had been experiencing that space between settling and greatness in a big way. I had an amazing job working with my best friends, yet the more I traveled and met people doing extraordinary things, the more I felt like I too could, and should, be doing something more. 

Greatness isn't a level to be achieved based on a lifetime of actions, rather it's in those everyday actions that we can choose greatness.

The once overwhelming word is now present in my everyday decisions. Do I snooze the alarm or go for a walk to start my day? Do I watch TV or spend a few hours calling my relatives or visiting friends to make those relationships stronger? Do I say no to a new opportunity because it takes up a weekend with a bunch of people I don't know or do I commit knowing it will help change lives? 

By creating greater moments and intentionally elevating each day, I am creating a greater life - and man, does it feel good! 

What could we do in this world if we all lived up to our full potential? If we put our energy into what lights us up and we, in turn, share that with others?

I encourage you to visit the site - a work in progress with content and programs continually being added - and to take the pledge: http://thegreatnessfoundation.com/inspire/ 

Let's start the conversation, let's live with intention, let's #choosegreatness