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Align & Shine

A group for women to realign, reignite and burn brighter than ever before by tapping into our personal power and re-discovering what makes us who we naturally, authentically are in order to share our selves and our gifts with the world.

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Burn Bright, don’t

Burn Out

A group for entrepreneurs who have found true alignment in their lives and wish to bring it into their businesses by aligning their mission with their offerings and utilizing their unique energy systems to work smarter, not harder. Alignment is the antidote to burn out.

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Get your Shine On

1:1 Mentorship for those who are READY to explore themselves at a deeper level and discover their unique gifts in order to make the impact that only they can make in the world.

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When we are truly aligned, our souls burn bright, they do not burn out.
— Jenny Scholl