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Hi, I’m Jenny Scholl.

I believe that alignment is the antidote to burnout and the first step to creating massive impact in the world.

When we are living in alignment, we create and attract at a higher level. When not only our life, but our business, our message and our offer is in alignment, we are then using our time to share our talent, creating treasure to live and give in abundance. It is then that we truly Burn Bright, not Burn Out™.

I help individuals align their lives with their values, entrepreneurs align their values with their offers, corporations align their give back strategies with incredible nonprofits, and groups to create containers for growth and connection.

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Impact Consultant | Alignment strategist | preventing burnout in life & business

Impact Consultant

Impact Consultant & ALIGNMENT ADVISOR


Do you have a big vision yet something in your life or business operations just isn’t flowing properly?

Do you have a desire to partner with other impact-focused companies to scale your vision more quickly?

Do you feel stress or overwhelm making big decisions?

Strategy Calls, Making Big Decisions with Alignment, The Energy of Sales

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Align your life, align your business

Burn Bright, don’t Burn Out. The World Needs Your Light.

I believe the antidote for burnout is alignment. It’s trusting our intuition, setting healthy boundaries, saying no without justification, feeling fully secure with who we are, knowing and owning our goals, priorities and values.

In order to fully contribute our gifts to the world, to create the impact we want to make, we must let our souls shine.

When we are truly aligned, we burn bright, we do not burnout. 

Are you ready to Align and Shine?!

Life Alignment: 1:1 Mentorship & Group Programs launching twice a year.

Business Alignment: Corporate Workshops & Sales Training + 1:1 Mentorship & Consulting for Entrepreneurs


the battle against burnout

Does your workplace need a Burnout battle plan?

By educating ourselves on what leads to true burnout, how to recognize it and how to prevent it, we can lead happier, healthier lives and create efficiencies in the workplace, minimizing employee turnover and saving time, money and stress.

I provide workshops and trainings to corporations, sales teams and company retreats to re-engage, re-inspire and provide simple and effective takeaways to Burn Bright, not Burn Out™.

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A glimpse of what it’s like Working with jenny

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I’ve worked with Jenny for about two years - most recently to plan and coordinate a group trip to Kenya, Africa. Jenny went above and beyond in every aspect. She’s  highly organized and detail-oriented. Her ability to anticipate and head-off potential issues was very helpful to us. She’s a team player and gets stuff done behind the scenes, not seeking credit for her work, but simply is happy to contribute to a cause she believes in. Not only is she extremely capable and savvy, but she brings a positive attitude and willingness to dive in and get to work which is incredibly rare. Jenny is a gem and I’m so grateful to know her and have the opportunity to work with her. 
— Sanna Lee, Director and Founder of Lee Sisters Foundation 
I had the pleasure to finally spend some time directly with Jenny out in Bali in April 2018 with the organization, the Greatness Foundation. She is an amazing human being but what was more impressive was how organized and disciplined she was and how she made everything look and feel so seamless while hosting a substantial impact retreat in another country. We all know how much work that probably took behind the scenes but Jenny never even broke a sweat. No drama and very down to earth. It’s so refreshing to see someone who lives an authentic life and CREATES her future, while helping everyone else alongside of her. If you are lucky to work directly with Jenny, definitely do so. She’s incredible.
— Christine McDannell, Founder: Kindred Quarters & {PropTech} | Author of The CoLiving Code
Elise Headshot.jpg
I recently went through the process of starting my own business, which was a somewhat terrifying experience for a new entrepreneur. I needed someone who could help me find the confidence in myself when I was struggling, and I found that in Jenny. She helped guide me through the process from start to finish, and continues to support my goals and product, which shows me how much she cares. Her passion for helping others create and thrive is clear and I hope to work with Jenny again!
— Elise Bernier, Founder of Girl Squad Fitness
Where do I start with Jenny? I met her a little over 4 years ago at a house build in Mexico. One of my jobs it’s to be a project leader for Baja Bound (nonprofit) and got the pleasure to do work with Jenny and Greatness Foundation. We collaborated in many house builds in Mexico. She is one of a kind. She handles every stressful situation with so much grace. She empowers everyone around her with her presence and smile. I have never met someone that is so welcoming to people and sweet. I have learned a lot from her and how she treats others. I’m glad I can call her my friend. Keep up the good work Jenny, you inspired me.
— Natalia Cebollero, Director of Family Services, Open Road Global
Jenny is one of the most caring, loyal and beautiful people I have ever met,from our first phone call I knew she was full of some special magic. I had the great pleasure of later joining her in Bali on a retreat that she organized on behalf of the Greatness Foundation. The commitment, love, effort, passion and joy she put into organizing that trip and many others was beyond what any of us could have imagined. Beyond the amazing hard work she has put in, there is a stunning women here ready to help you unlock your true shine, her essence is vibrant, loving, and she will truly make you feel like a total rockstar in every moment. ✨
— Paris Henriksen, Fashion Stylist & Designer

More About Jenny

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Jenny Scholl is on a mission to shine, to live a life that lights her up and to share that light with others.

After following a traditional path graduating UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Journalism and World Religion, Jenny entered the work force before she even turning her tassel, determined to find success as defined by others and to make her supporters proud.

After burning out from successful careers in marketing, and then again in corporate advertising sales, she made the decision to listen to her heart and left as the top earner in her company, despite the opinions of many.

Jenny dedicated the next two years of her life to traveling, nonprofit work and running retreats around the world, learning the importance of alignment, self care and balance.

Through her work as an Impact Consultant, Jenny helps individuals and corporations rediscover their super powers, streamline their efficiencies and communicate with authenticity and ease. Through her mentorship, group coaching and in-person events, Jenny helps corporate groups & women around the world recognize their unique strengths, incorporate tools to stay in alignment so that we can all Burn Bright, not Burn Out.™.